Thursday, August 30, 2012

Introduction to This Blog - Just Prices are the Virtues of the World Economy

Power to the Virtues!

This blog is being launched on the specific occasion of a guest lecture in English with the title of this introduction  "Just Prices Are the Virtues of the World Economy" initiated by Philip van der Linden, Bart Kuijpers en Jeroen van der Drift  for their fellow architecture students to be held at the Technical University of Delft in The Netherlands on September 10. The title itself refers to a lecture held by yours truly at the Novaglobe Symposium at the artist colony Ruigoord on the outskirts of Amsterdam organized by Iwanjka Geerding in the summer of 2011. During this Land Jewel Festival the Dutch translation of the book "The Virtues - Seasons of the Soul" by the German philosopher /anthroposophist Herbert Witzenmann was presented in conjunction with photocopies of the 12 monthly meditations and the corresponding 12 illustrations and title page painted by the Dutch artist Jan de Kok (Now to be seen with the real paintings in Cultural Center De Roos in Amsterdam until September 11, 2012).

The underlying idea for this title is the application of the ancient Hermetic principle "what is as above, is as what is below" to the inner soul of man and the outer physical world, i.e. that the Aristotelian concept of ethics as virtue being the struggle to maintain the golden mean between two extremes can be compared in function to the social economic question of the creation of just price as being the effort to maintain a balance between the two opposing value-creating processes that arise out of the interaction between the three production factors nature, labor and capital of the social organism understood as the whole earth. How exactly this all can be fathomed can be gathered by studying the two sources for this new paradigm.

This is on the one hand the three lectures here on Just Price as the cardinal issue of the world economy. They are introduced by lenghty prefaces for the various editions presented in the US that do not shy away from giving an insight into the various parties and developments that unfortunately prevented this valuable and topical issue from possibly becoming more widely known and even implemented much earlier. Readers not interested in what they may consider superfluous "internal strife" can then turn directly to the three main lectures.

The other source material is the publication The Virtues, which or for that matter who can be consulted on the blog "Power to the Virtues!", the title being a sort "battle cry" with which the Willehalm Institute in Amsterdam on August 12 started, in view of the coming national elections in this country, a non-political, spiritual party consisting of the 12 virtues as moving members with each a governing period of one month, e.g. for the month of August "Compassion becomes Freedom" followed on September 1 "Courtesy becomes Tact of the Heart". In that supplementary manner the twofold cause for the present economic crisis, which is in effect a civilizational crisis, can be met: on the one hand by a structural transformation through social organics of the world economy from one based on egoïsm to one based on altruïsm and on the other hand by a change of hearts and mind. A supplementary blog in this respect entitled "Social Organics - A New Principle of Civilization" was started at the end of last year by Paula Deiro, a Brazilian lawyer residing in the Netherlands, but unfortunately soon thereafter discountinued; perhaps the appearance of this blog will now be an incentive to continue the blog, or if not, to pass it on to a successor.

I end this intro with a short reference to 911 and the close relation between world economy and world peace. The last edition of this study was presented in Montreal to members of the Anthroposophical Society on September 10, 2001 while, as mentioned at the beginning, this blog has been set up as study material for a lecture on September 10, 2012 one day before the 11th  anniversary of this tragedy, which is still, as far as the general public is concerned, shouded in mystery as to the identity and underlying motives of the real culprits. This black-out would not be there however, if the reception accorded to the true crime "911: The Accusation - Bringing the Guilty to Justice" as part of his trilogy Operation Twins written by former top counterespionage agent Dr. Slobodan Mitric (known as Karate Bob) based on inside information and presented at BookExpo America in New York 2011 had been more favorable, and if on the basis of this advance publication the necessary means could have been provided to him to tell the whole inside story as to what really happened.  More so, if his graphic forewarnings since the eighties as Director of Reserve Police International (RPI) and World Atomic Counter Espionage (WACE), who had manged to infiltrated the guilty party had been taken seriously by the appropriate authorities, this tragedy would not have had to happen (see his CV from the appendix of his book The Golden Tip). What has now come to the fore from this source since my controversial appearance on the Kevin Smith Show in the US in June of last year is that the main motive for 911 was a financial and economic one: the militiary-industrial complex, about which President Eisenhower warned so explicitly when he left office, had to devise a satanic scheme to keep the armament industry rolling by providing a pretext for going to war, no matter what the human cost in lives and misery (my appearance was in that sense controversial, because after Slobodan Mitric put the audio part of my interview with the permission of the host on his YouTube channel, Kevin Smith entered a protest to YouTube which then removed all segments and in spite of our protests did not give in.)

If these same latent but all-powerful forces are behind the recent developments, which prompted the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev to warn the US against any illegal military adventures against sovereign states at the risk of starting a Third World thermonuclear War and about which Slobodan Mitric has been alarming his readers on his Facebook site is very well possible. What is absolutely certain however is that the last thing that this powerful conglomerate wants to see is a transformation of the world economy in the above sense, which would destroy their structural power-base for war-mongering and could pave the way to a lasting world peace.

With this in mind, I close this intro with an appeal to the readers to please take these matters to heart and to feel free to post suggestions and/or (immanent) criticism in the hope that another step towards an international Movement for Social Organics - A New Principle of Civilization can be taken.  To this end I plan in the near future to translate and publish the two other social organic studies by Herbert Witzenmann Currency as a Question of Consciousness - A New Financial System Requires a New Principle of Civilization (already available in Dutch as Geldordening als bewustzijnskwestie and  Social Organics - Ideas for the Reformation of the Economy (partly available in Dutch on internet).    

May the "battle cry" of the Woodstock movement in the US and the free spirits of 1968 in Europe "Power to the Imagination" be enhanced on all fronts by the slogan "Power to the Virtues!".


  1. Consider a live example to work with. (People always ask me if a Threefold System has ever been implemented.) Are you aware that as RS was writing up the Threefold System, Milton S. Hershey was, in fact, putting it into play? I'm sure that our friends with the Corps de Michael in Hershey, PA, would be glad to expound on this great topic.

    1. I only know come to read your reaction. I know nothing about this Milton Hershey's work, but social organics has in fact been realised, albeit only a germinal and meso-social form in the constitution of the newly founded Anthroposophical Society by Rudolf Steiner in 1923/24 and as such hardly understood in its universal significance as new priniple of civilisation. See